University of Defence Crest

A white book in black covers is laid open on a golden triangul​ar convex-side, bottom-tipped coat of arms edged with the Czech tricolour stripe, while two linden branches grow to under the book pages crossing one another at the coat of arms foot having three green leaves each. A silvery sword crosses the linden branches at its hilt, blade laid across the open book and the blade tip beyond the coat of arms upper edge.

The coat of arms golden colour refers to education being the most precious property of man, the open book and the sword symbolize the military-related syllabus of education. The coat of arms edge and the linden branches are Czech nation symbols while the linden branches and the sword relate to the school graduates’ commanding positions.


University of Defence Motto

The University of Defence motto is to express the idea governing the University academic community members’ actions. The motto is in Latin with the wording DOCENDO DISCIMUS. In English it means LEARNIG THROUGH TEACHING. It is used at ceremonies and is integrated into the Rector Chain.

The Rector Chain consists of the chain itself made of square links interconnected with coupling links. The actual chain joins at a University of Defence graduate badge on which a medal is hung bearing the University of Defence symbol. The symbol is placed on a circular base with the university motto DOCENDO DISCIMUS on its upper edge. The whole medal is rimmed with linden leafy branches against its bottom circumference. The Rector Chain is made of a golden coloured metal.


Universtity of Defence Sword

It is a copy of the traditional Gothic style Czech sword made in silver carbon steel with golden decoration. An integral part of it is an iron-worked sheath. The sword pommel is rounded; the hilt (handle) 200 mm long (including the pommel) is raised from stained nut wood with collars and the blade 850 mm long is of hexagonal shape.

There is the Czech lion on the sword face engraved in brass on a rounded pommel (the lion is gilt and moderately patinated), while a cartouche bearing the wording of the school name UNIVERZITA OBRANY is on the sword blade. The sword reverse side has the university crest brass-engraved on the rounded pommel, a cartouche bearing the wording of the University of Defence motto DOCENDO DISCIMUS on the blade.

The sheath from treated leather has got patinated ironwork from sheet steel. The school crest and linden branches are on the top ironwork (face). The linden branches are also on the bottom ironwork.


University of Defence Colours

The colours are the highest military symbol of the University of Defence. There are the University of Defence crest and school name in the reverse side centre on the yellow background. Green linden leaves are placed on both left and right sides of the crest on the flag. A large national coat of arms is on the averse. Flamboyant tri-colour border edges both sides of the colours like the standard of the President of the Czech Republic. The author of the University of Defence colours graphic design, that is square in shape and fully embroidered, is the military heraldry and traditions committee of the Military History Institute of Prague. ​​​​