Issued documents related to studies

The University of Defence issues, according to § 57, the Higher Education Act no. 111/1998 the following documents for students and alumni:

  • student ID
  • transcript
  • university diploma
  • diploma supplement
  • transcript of courses and grades
  • proof of completed studies

There is no fee required for the first issues of the documents while the amount and form of payments for more issues is completely under University of Defence Rector’s responsibility (para 1, § 57, Higher Education Act). The fee for issuing duplicate diploma or duplicate diploma supplement is stipulated CZK 100, – per document. The fee is due to be paid in the form of a bill stamp attached free to the application form for the document issue. Other duplicate documents issues are free of charge. Applications for duplicate diploma supplements shall be acceptable only if the applicant was the original supplement holder, i.e. student graduated after 1 January 2005.

Application for a study document copy


Student ID 

Registered students shall receive a student ID – identification chip card before the academic year begins. The card is used according to article 3, § 57 of the Higher Education Act no. 111/1998 for students identification. It authorises them to enter school premises where the ID should be worn visibly. Student ID cards allow the students place orders for meals or borrow readings at University of Defence libraries. University of Defence student ID card holders are entitled for Moravian Library member ID for free (this agreement will have been in force by 2016).

Civilian students of the University of Defence in-site mode of study may, as other civilian universities students, apply for ISIC card.



Transcript is a document recording the courses taken and the grades achieved or perfomance shown


University Diploma

University Diploma is a document certifying the completion of an accredited degree programme in the particular field of study. Diploma specimen is approved by UD rector. A graduate from an accredited degree programme shall receive a university diploma and a diploma supplement, usually during graduation ceremony.


Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement​ is a new document that is issued in a widely spoken European language, given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation. The University of Defence graduates have been receiving it since the year 2005. This document summarizes bilingual in English and Czech data on the completed study program including a list of all performed tests and evaluation of progress. Its structure is consistent with a uniform syllabus set by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. The Diploma Supplement approaching future employers of university graduates study the content, level and status of completed programs of study contributes to academic and professional recognition of qualifications. It contains a description of the education system in the Czech Republic.


Transcript of courses and grades or proof of completed studies

Transcript of courses and grades or proof of completed studies (i.e. a certificate that the applicant is or was a University of Defence student) shall be issued and delivered to:

a person who has completed studies from a degree programme in accordance with para 1, § 56 of the Higher Education Act (no. 111/1998),

a student upon his/her (see Application form for study document issue),

an alumni graduated from a degree programme upon his/her (see Application form for study document issue).