Military students: Flow of studies and career

Military career of University of Defence students follows the las and regulations in force for professional military officers of the Czech armed forces.

Once an applicant for military in-site studies receives the notification of acceptance and meets all conditions of military professional service, the appropriate order of military professional service call is delivered afterwards. As on the day of recruitment the applicants are enlisted to a Czech Army training base for a two-month basic military training that precedes university studies.

Passing the basic military training the applicants are transferred to the University of Defence at the positions of military university students, aspirants and promoted to lance corporal rank. By the contract agreement they are indebted to serve for the Czech Armed Forces during their studies plus two fold the studies duration after graduation while the pilots and air traffic controllers the duration after graduation is three fold and a half of studies duration due to their special training. To be regular University of Defence students, they enrol to studies and vow the matriculation oath.


During the time at the university, the students are aspirants at the following ranks:

  • during Bachelor’s degree programmes and immediately following training courses: lance corporal, corporal and sergeant ;
  • during Master’s degree programmes: lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant and warrant officer I.

Promotion to a higher rank within the system is conditioned by completing all student’s duties required for the appropriate year.


All students as military professionals are entitled to regular leave lasting 37 calendar days (these include 10 days that are otherwise days off in normal week) per calendar year.

Students enjoy free accommodation, equipment and basic school aids. Also, they can buy meals from university canteens for subsidised prices set for defence employees.

Studies imply the basic application course for the students to learn the necessary military and leadership skills to be taken at a Czech training facility.

Based on the results achieved during the years of study and meeting the determined conditions, a part of the graduates from Bachelor degree programmes can continue in Master’s degree programmes immediately in a long cycle form of the programme.

The graduates from Bachelor’s degree programmes who do not continue in Master’s programme studies are posted, after the completion of studies, according to armed forces requirements and decision to start their military professional careers including further training courses starting with appropriate application courses at a training facility. If posted to a commissioned officer’s position, they are commissioned.

The graduates from Master’s degree programmes are, after the completion of studies, promoted to the rank of lieutenant, those from the degree programmes that last more than ten semesters to first lieutenant rank, and posted according to armed forces decision.

In case a graduate fails to fulfil the obligation of service for the period mentioned above that had been made at the commence of studies, such a person is due to pay the defence back the cost of the studies depending the duration of studies and time of military service performed after the completion of studies. In case a graduate to fulfil the obligation of service for the period mentioned above that.