International students

In accordance with the Act no. 111/1998 of the Collection of Laws and the University of Defence Statuses it is possible for foreign students, civilian as well as Armed Forces members, to study at the UoD.

The condition to be accepted into a study programme is a secondary school Certificate of Graduation. Unless otherwise stated by the international treaty, the applicant who graduated from a secondary school abroad (excluding Slovakian students) will submit the foreign Certificate of Graduation recognized by the Czech Republic. The applicant hands in a copy of the formally verified Certificate of Graduation during the entrance examination stated by the UoD. 

The notarisation proceeding requirement is in accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic, specifically with the Act no. 561/2004 of the Collection of Laws on pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education (Schools Act) and is realized in accordance with the executive decree no. 12/2005 of the Collection of Laws on conditions of accepting equivalence and nostrification of foreign schools Certificates.

UoD Rector –commander is entitled to select other criteria for accepting a foreign student in accordance with the § 49 of the above mentioned Act. These criteria may include Czech language knowledge or the necessity to attend a course or pass an appropriate accreditation exam.

Studies at UoD are possible for: 

  • foreign students who are not members of the Armed Forces and are willing to study in the Czech language in any study programme (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.). These study programmes are aimed at civilian students and are the same as programmes aimed at Czech civilian students.
  • foreign students who are members of foreign Armed Forces can study only within the      interdepartmental alignments and with the agreement of the MoD CR.
  • foreign students within the lifelong system with the agreement of the MoD CR. Students deepen their professional education and can attend specialized courses.

The university is entitled to demand fees to be paid for the entrance examination and for others besides the Czech study programmes.

Other information about study programmes for foreign students are provided at the following address:


Univerzita obrany (University of Defence)

Kounicova 65

662 10 Brno

tel.: + 420 973 442 554