Employees mobility

Teachers (and other staff) can realize two types of mobilities:

  • teaching’s staff mobility
  • staff mobility – training.

Inter-Institutional Agreement including appropriate type of mobility (teaching or training) with relevant branch expressed ISCED code is necessary for realizing of both types.  Check if it is so, please:

If not, contact your Erasmus+ coordinator to manage it.

Program of stay must be prepared in advance. So if you want to hold lectures at our University, please offer the topics you want to teach to the faculty according to your specialization:

  • Faculty of Military Leadership
  • Faculty of Military Technology
  • Faculty of Military Health Sciences


The Teaching/Training mobility agreement must be signed by both institutions before the stay. You can use our form.

If you need an Invitation letter, send the request for that simultaneously with the Teaching/Training mobility agreement to the Erasmus+ coordinator of chosen faculty.

During your stay we can offer you accommodation in our school facilities (only 4 EUR per night.) If you want to use it,  please contact Erasmus+ coordinator.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our University.