Other projects and foundations

University of Defence was involved in 32 defence research projects getting funding support from the Czech Ministry of Defence and in 37 projects from other than defence research support agencies (15 projects by Czech Grant Agency, 1 project by the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the CR, 4 projects by the Internal Agency of the Czech Ministry of Health, 3 projects by the Czech Ministry of Transport, 2 projects by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 1 project by the Ministry of the Interior and 8 projects by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports including 4 projects by international research and development programmes under EU guaranteed by the ministry) in 2010.

University of Defence won 22,059 points in that period counted according to the procedure by the Research and Development Government Council.

University of Defence plans to increase the share of purpose-oriented resources in funding its own research and development projects. Its objective is to turn research and development effort toward fighting terrorism support, development of processes and technologies supporting Czech national security system, extended cooperation with industrial companies to establish UD expert facilities. For that it follows related regulations such as Defence Applied Research and Development by 2015 Concept, forms interdepartmental task teams for defence research projects, seeks guarantee of accomplishing goals as decided upon by the National Security Council in crisis management education and security science, and intensifies its international cooperation particularly oriented towards Visegrad Four countries.

The main research projects are listed in the table.

List of UD Principal Research Projects

Project T​itleReso​urce
Project CG 911-017-030 Designing of temporary bridges from TMS and MS bridge setsC
Computing of MLC load classification of fixed bridges considering real service status of bridges (CG911-036-030)C
The methodology of assessing sources for emergency water supplies (EWS) on the base of risk analysisC
The localization system and mobile objects management in real time when dealing with crisis situations in trafficC
ME 949 – Analysis of negative impacts on drivers’ attention (CONTACT)C
Super-capacitors for new variable-speed power-generating conception OC 169)C
Improvement of design methods of synchronous generators with permanent magnets used in renewable source of energy (CONTACT-mobility)C
Research and development of emergency situation mobile structures with ballistic and NBC reinforcement (2008-2010, MPO/2A), 2A-3TP1/096C
Project ME08105 –  Differential proteome analysis of bacterial Francisella tularensis glyco- and phospho- proteins  (2008-2010, MSM/ME)C
Project 2B08028 – New biological methods of the received dose determination (2008-2010, MSM/2B)C
Countermeasure against chemical terrorism – development of new antidotes against nerve agents – CONTACTC
Proteome analysis of extracytoplasmic stress response in Francisella tularensis strain with different virulenceC
Relationship between acethylcholinesterase reactivators structure and their reactive effectivenessC
Optical beams study for atmospheric static and mobile communicationsC
Evaluation of integrated digital spatial data reliabilityC
Diagnostics of material defects using the latest defectoscopic methodsC
Bi-directional dc-dc Converters of Photovoltaic Systems with Maximum power trackerC
Low-cost synthetic-vision systemC
Computing of MLC load class of fixed bridges considering real service status of a bridge (CG911-036-030)C
Protein biomarkers in hypertrophic cardiomyopathyC
The presence of sortase enzymes SrtB, SrtC and SrtD in clinical isolates of Streptocococcus pneumoniae and their role in the virulence and resistance to antimicrobialsC
Genetic profile of biotransformation and DNA repair genes in cancer patients from the Czech RepublicC
Development of Novel Tularemic Vaccine Based on Determining the Molecular Principle of Tularemia PathogenesisC
Development of Novel Antidotal Treatment Against Organophosphorus PesticidesC
Project 2B08028 – New Biological Methods of Regressive  Deduction of the Obtained Ionizing Radiation Dose (2008-2010, MSM/2B)C
Identification of Biomarkers of Intraamniotic Infections and the Systemic Fetal Response Syndrome in Amniotic Fluid: Proteomic ApproachC
Proteomic Identification of Biomarkers of Intraamniotic Inflammation in Amniotic Fluid at Preterm Birth PatientsC
Assessment of Progress of Individual AChE Reactivators through Hematoencephalic BarrierC
The Models of Time Lines and the Changes Detection MethodsB
Accrual Budgeting and Accounting at the Department of Defence of the Czech RepublicB
Heat Transfer and Its Impact on Laminar-Turbulent TransitionB
Symbolic and Semi-Symbolic Methods for Power and Mechatronic ApplicationsB
Study of Optical Beams for Atmospheric Static and Mobile CommunicationsB
Assessment of Integrated Digital Spatial Data ReliabilityB
Diagnostics of Material Defects Using the Latest Defectoscopic MethodsB
DC-DC Bi-Directional Convertors of Photovoltaic Systems with Maximum Power TrackerB
Molecular Diagnostics of Bacterial PathogensB
Contribution to the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems and Equipment (101/08/9020)B
Study of Microenvironment Factors Affecting the Skeletal Muscles Reparation ProcessesB
Role of Virus-Associated Host-Derived Cellular Proteins in the T Lymphocytes Dysfunction PathogenesisB
Development of New Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors as Remedies of  Maysthenia GravisB
Development of Proteomic Methods for Deeper Quantitative Analysis of Plasma ProteomeB
New Analytical Procedures for Identifying the Proteins with Significant Attributes for Virulence and Pathogenesis of Bacterial StrainsB
Foreign Grant, France, “Agreement on Scientific Cooperation in the Research of Enzymes Decomposing Nerve Agents”A
Foreign Grant COST B 28, “Array Technologies for BLS3 and BSL4 Pathogenes”A
Foreign Grant, U.S. University,  “Mutual Cooperation with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, California”A
Foreign Grant , NATO, Mutual CooperationA
Foreign Grant (U.K., France, Sweden) ORCHIDS 1- “Evaluation, Optimisation, Trialling and Modelling Procedures for Mass Casualty Decontamination-ORCHIDS No 2007203”A
Foreign Grant, Norway, Grant from the Research Support Fund  (CZ 0046-FM EEA and Norway), “Duality and Safety of Food in Relation to Colorectal Cancer Predisposition. Pilot Study”A

Remark: The letters in Resource column stand for the following: A = international / abroad funds, B = Czech Science Foundation’s funds, C = MoD funds​​​