Information useful before the arrival to the University of Defence

Before you arrive to study at our school you are obliged to do some necessary paper work, i.e. fill in all required documents and hand them to your home school. Then follow the instructions:

If you intend to involve in exchange programme of Erasmus+ with the University of Defence, you need to be officially approved and sent by your home school. For that contact your school’s ERASMUS+ coordinator. 

Print out two copies of ”Learning agreement for studies” or ”Learning agreement for traineeships” stating the proposed list of subjects you want to study when at the University of Defence. Incomplete forms are unacceptable. Once signed and stamped, send the documents to the appropriate University of Defence faculty for approval (see ERASMUS+ points of contact). Attach also a list of your completed study obligations (subjects/courses)  including ECTS acquired.

If you need an Invitation letter, send the request for that simultaneously with the Learning agreement.

If the Inter-institutional agreement between your school and the University of Defence had been signed and the Learning Agreement is feasible for the University of Defence, the concerned faculty confirms the documents and returns to your university address. University of Defence keeps one copy of each sent documents for further use and archive. In case of negative answer the documents are returned to the applicant together with appropriate justification. In case of negative answer the documents are returned to the applicant together with appropriate justification.

Before your arrival send an request for accommodation  by e-mail to the faculty where you will study. The Faculty will arrange your accommodation. All University of Defence Erasmus+ students live in double rooms in a dormitory close to the University. Students of the Faculty of Military Health Sciences live in a dormitory in Hradec Králové. The rooms are furnished at European standard, Internet connection is available there. The fee is approximately CZK 100 (EUR 4) per night.

Once enrolled to the University of Defence information system you receive a temporary paper entrance card and an electronic card that allows you to use catering service for the same price as other University of Defence students. Lunch costs CZK 40 (EUR 2).

You also receive the login information to the University of Defence information system.

Essential medical care including limited ward capacity is available at the school. You may also use the service of chaplain who is responsible for meeting students spiritual needs.

Claim on the health care during a temporary stay in the Czech Republic you can find on a web-site Health Insurance Bureau.

For the period spent at the University of Defence you will get a ”patron”, i.e. a regular student who will be your guide and an assistant.

After the completion of your study the Faculty shall issue a ”Transcript of Records” stating the completed activities and the acquired credits and the ”Confirmation of Study Period” to confirm you completed the period of study as stipulated and thus met the conditions stated in the Learning Agreement. 

Before you leave your country, check whether you need visa to enter the Czech Republic. If you need a visa, it is your responsibility to get one. Be careful to apply for the right length type. Remember the visa validity cannot expire before your departure back home and avoid possible problems.