Foreign education recognition

Recognition of education and qualifications attained at foreign universities is specified by the following legal regulations:

  1. Act no. 111/1998 of the Collection of Laws, on universities and on other Acts amendments (University Act), §89, §90, §105, §106
  2. Act no. 500/2004 of the Collection of Laws, Code of Administrative Procedure
  3. International Treaties by which the Czech Republic is bound (international bilateral treaties on education certificates equivalence recognition)
  4. The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education (The Lisbon Convention)

Those who submit written requests for foreign education recognition are, above all:

Citizens of the Czech Republic; foreign universities graduates who intend to:

  • get a job in public or state administration
  • record their academic degree attained abroad in their identity cards or travel documents.

The written request is submitted by the applicants themselves (see the  Request Form).


Formally verified procuration must be enclosed to the request in case the diploma bearer authorised another person to submit the request.

Written requests must be sent to the State Secretary Division of the Ministry of Defence.


Sekce státního tajemníka

Státní tajemník v MO

nám. Svobody 471

160 01 Praha 6


State Secretary Division of the MoD

State Secretary of the MoD

nám. Svobody 471

160 01 Praha 6

Czech Republic


State Secretary Division of the MoD will yield the request to the University of Defence. The UoD will professionally consider the request. Based on this consideration, the State Secretary Division of the MoD will render a final decision on recognition of foreign education. Besides foreign university education certificate, academic degree (stated in the diploma), which was conferred by the foreign university to the graduate, is granted, too.


Validity of university diplomas conferred in the Slovak Republic:

Based on the bilateral Convention on the recognition of education certificates equivalence (concerning diplomas conferred in the Czech and Slovak Republics) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Announcement No. 33/2001 Coll. I.A. the diplomas awarded in the Slovak Republic are valid in the Czech Republic; no official verification (recognition) is needed. Neither decision nor equivalence recognition verification is rendered.