Civilian studies


Neither during the course of study nor after graduation have the UoD civilian students any service or labour-law relations nor commitments towards the Czech Republic Army. 



The UoD civilian students can, if the below presented criteria are met, be awarded the the following scholarships to an extent given by allocated financial means:

Accommodation scholarship

Civilian students who do not have their permanent address in the “Brno – město” district can receive an accommodation scholarship. To receive this scholarship students have to send a written request to the relevant Faculty study group before October 31 of the given year. Students receive their accommodation scholarship once for the whole calendar month.  

Academic scholarship

During their course of studies students can draw on the academic scholarship, the amount of which depends on the weighted average; during the term the amount can range from  500, – CZK to 1 500, -CZK. Students get their academic scholarship every month throughout the whole following term. No written request is needed to get the academic scholarship.

Creativity scholarship

The UoD students can draw a regular creativity scholarship, the aim of which is to motivate students to do research, developmental, or other activities. Students can get their creativity scholarship for excellent scientific, research, developmental, artistic, or other creative results. Students can get a one-time scholarship or monthly scholarship which they get throughout the relevant academic year. Students who meet the necessary criteria can get a creativity scholarship, the amount of which is 1 000, – CZK per month at maximum for research activities and 700, – CZK per month for pedagogical activities. The reason why a student is awarded a one-time creativity scholarship is crucial for the amount; the maximum amount of the scholarship is 5 000,- CZK.

Social scholarship

In case of a difficult social situation, students can ask for social scholarship. They can use this possibility only two times during their course of study; the amount of social scholarship must not exceed triple the amount of the students’ minimum subsistence.



Military Housing Administration, Prague is responsible for accommodation facilities.

The UoD civilian students who need to be accommodated must fill in the Accommodation Request Form. Students who do not have their permanent address in the “Brno – město” district can ask for an accommodation scholarship (See SCHOLARSHIP). Students, except those accepted in additional admissions procedure, must post or personally hand in a filled and signed accommodation request form to the relevant Faculty study department before the end of August of the calendar year.

Students accepted in additional admissions procedure must  submit the Accommodation request form immediately after receiving the admission decision (such students’ requests will be dealt with individually).

Approved requests will be handed in to the student residence manager who will make a year-long accommodation contract with the applicant.  The accommodation fee will be paid monthly; the exact amount is always set for a calendar year.

The Accommodation request form must be submitted for each academic year.

The UoD civilian students are usually accommodated in following UoD student residences:

  • Dobrovského” 27/C,
  • Chodská” 17/A a 17/B 

Both student residences are situated in the “Královo Pole” city district. It is well accessible by the public transport (trams no. 12, trolleybus no. 132).

Mainly twin-bedded rooms are equipped with day-beds with storage clearance underneath, bed-side tables, shelves, PC table, chairs, and fitted wardrobes placed in the antechamber. A dwelling unit (4 beds) consists of two rooms. Each dwelling unit has a bathroom with a WC, 2 washbasins, and a shower. Single rooms are also available with communal showers, washbasins and toilets located at the ends of corridors.

In the student residence students can use kitchenettes available to all students. Students need permission to use electrical appliances in their rooms (PC, TV). The use of the appliances is free. The rooms are equipped with internet connection; the use of the internet is free.

In all accommodation facilities, where the Military Housing Administration is the provider, the University of Defence students must follow the Accommodation Facilities Inner Set of Rules for the UoD students.



The University of Defence students have four catering facilities at their disposal. These are “Šumavská 4”, “Tučkova 23”, “Černá Pole” barracks, and “Židenice” barracks mess halls. 


Meal ordering

At the beginning of their studies, students are issued with activated chip cards which can be used, apart from other things, to order food in advance via the electronic order system. To order food in advance students can also use the “Stravování” (Catering) application available on the study portal. Students can receive their user names and passwords to log in to the application in offices presented in the following chart. If students want to use the catering service, they have to pay a deposit on their accounts in an office of a particular mess hall.


If students have not ordered a meal, they can choose from the offer of 4 kinds of non-order dishes. Students ask for non-order dishes in a particular mess hall immediately before receiving it.



Students can, for free throughout their studies, borrow textbooks, technical literature, and other study material from the University of Defence Library. Students are supposed to follow the University of Defence Library Code. Students also have access to electronic information databases.  


The University of Defence students can use the following libraries: Textbook library, technical and scientific literature library, socio-scientific literature library, and fiction literature library. Besides these libraries the University of Defence students can use the services of the Moravian Library, Brno. This service is free of charge for the UoD students until 2016. Students are issued with the Moravian Library member card once they present their UoD identification card.



Students can deepen their foreign language skills throughout their university studies. Besides English, which is obligatory, students can optionally study Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, or Spanish. Besides general language, students also study professional language related to their branch of study. They can use the help of native speakers, Self-Access Centre, videoconference with Canadian partners, as well as other study material placed on the study portal, which can help them improve their language skills.



At the UoD, the possibilities of discounts are the same as at other universities.

You are entitled to public transport and a Czech Railways fare discount; you are obviously eligible for an ISIC card. You have to fill in a Public Transport Company or Czech Railways form and hand it in to your faculty study department. To get the ISIC card the procedure is the same; the forms are available either at ISIC card sale points or via the Internet. Your faculty study department will confirm that you are full-time university students. Using this approved forms, you can get discount for train connections (Student card), city public transport (Student card), or you can get your ISIC card.

Train connection Student cards are available at Czech Railways stations; concessionary Brno public transport tickets are available in the Novobranská Street, concessionary monthly or quarterly tickets are available at following sale points:

  • Novobranská street
  • Stará osada
  • Královo Pole-station
  • Mendlovo square
  • Pisárky
  • Královo Pole, Purkyňova street 93, student’s canteen at the University of Technology, Brno
  • Bystrc IDS-JMK (integrated public transport system) terminal

ISIC cards are available at following sales points:

  • Alfa agency, Nám. Svobody 77/12
  • Czech Railways centre, Nádražní 1
  • GTS international, Vachova 4
  • Student Union VUT (Brno University of Technology), Technická street 8
  • ALBION – language and educational agency L.L.C., Milady Horákové street 14


Students have their physical education (PE) lessons at least four times a week throughout the year. According to the PE curriculum students take part in sport courses focused on water tourism, cyclo tourism, downhill and cross-country skiing, survival skills, and special physical training.


In their free time, students can use the UoD sports facilities, for example gymnasiums, playgrounds, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool, modern fitness centre, etc.  They can join 9 sport clubs and teams.


The most successful sportsmen represent the University of Defence at many military and academic competitions. Futsal, squash, cross-country running, beach volleyball, indoor soccer, tennis, floorball, basketball, and volleyball UoD championships provide the choice of the best sportsmen to represent the UoD at both military and non-military competitions.



As for culture, students can become members of several art clubs and groups run by the UoD Club. 

The UoD Club offers good opportunities to live a cultural life; various cultural and social events are hosted there. Students can get tickets for cultural events taking place in the towns of Brno and Hradec Králové for reduced prices from the Cultural and Social Fund.