Students’ research

Students’ research form an important part of the entire education process. As a main form of systematic work with gifted and talented students it is a motivation tool to develop all students’ independent creative work. Students’ research usually takes the form of students’ involvement in teaching and/or research projects run by the University’s departments. Coordinated by the vice-rector for research, students’ research is under the responsibility of Faculty deans, delegated to their vice-deans for research within the scope determined by Faculty’s internal rules. The Dean is responsible for coordination among the departments of the particular Faculty as well as with other University of Defence faculties and other universities.

Students engaged in students’ research projects are entitled to the following:

  • utilise University’s laboratories and equipment for the purposes of research project(s),
  • attend workshops, lectures, scientific discussions and conferences,
  • take advantage of the services provided by UD scientific information division.

The results of students research projects are presented in project contests, in journals, and in year, Bachelor’s or diploma theses and other publications.