National Partner Universities and Institutions: Essential Information

Fastening positive relations between the civilian and military societies is a persistent mission of the University of Defence that uses tools such as presentations of growing professionalism or improving academic activities. From this point of view, attention is primarily paid to maintaining traditionally good contacts to national and/or local government bodies, universities and Czech national defence and security corps.

In terms of regional cooperation, the University of Defence exercises effort in deepening relations with important education and research and development institutions or entities, especially in the regions of Brno and Hradec Kralove. University’s teachers and researchers give lectures, training or advice to the local administrative bodies of the regions including regional government, such as governor’s offices, to the elements of the Czech Integrated Rescue System or county administrations. University of Defence cooperates with Regional Development Agency South Moravia to contribute to designing the joint Regional Innovation Strategy of South Moravia in 2009 – 2013.

Cooperation with universities

Among the leading institutions in cooperation, the following should be mentioned: Masaryk University, Mendel University, University of Technology (all in Brno), Charles University (Prague), particularly its Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy (in Hradec Kralove), Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Pardubice and also University Hospital Hradec Králové. For research and development projects, University of Defence Faculties collaborate with Czech Technical University in Prague, Technical University of Liberec, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, research establishments of the Ministry of Health and Central Military Hospital in Prague.

The Faculty of Military Health Sciences academic staff members are involved in the preparations and later shall engage in the execution of „University Campus in Hradec Kralove“ project designed to build a university campus for teaching, training, research and development in health care. They are further involved in „Scientific and Research Capacity in Medicine and Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove“ project intended to establish collaboration between the entities engaged in medical research and the enterprises in the region, in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Cooperation with vocational entities

As far as national security and defence industry are concerned, University of Defence partners include General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, Czech Defence and Security Industry Association, Czech Private Security Services Association, Czech Flood Protection Association and Nuclear Research Institute of Rez.

For practical applications of research and development, University of Defence collaborates with the military technical institutes deployed in the nearby regions, such as VOP 026 Šternberk s.p. – Divize Vyškov and Divize Slavičín or Vojenský opravárenský podnik 025 Nový Jičín s.p. Other collaborating companies: CALS Servis s.r.o., DELINFO s.r.o., TG Drives Brno s.r.o., SIGNIA Brno s.r.o., MSR Engines Brno s.r.o., GEOtest a.s. Brno, MESIT přístroje s.r.o., OPROX s.r.o., Truksa s.r.o., Omega CZ s.r.o., ATS-TELCOM Praha a.s., Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod a.s., LOM Praha s.p., ZVI a.s. Vsetín, Škoda Plzeň a.s., Velvana a.s. and Transport Research Centre Brno.

Collaboration in Hradec Kralove region concerning NBC issues and crisis management is promoted with the Population Protection Institute placed in Lázne Bohdaneč that reports to the Czech Ministry of the Interior. Research and development results achieved by University’s of Defence Faculty of Military Health Sciences are the basic link of collaboration with the enterprises involved in medical technology (e.g. ARROW and ELLA s.r.o. Hradec Králové, PROMED, DECOMKOV Praha).

New cooperation agreements have been made with two important and prosperous partners seated in Brno who are Centre for Science and Technology and Composite Materials Cluster. As both of the ambitious entities are just starting their businesses actual results from the cooperation may be expected in the near future. On the other hand, cooperation with Dukovany nuclear power plant has lasted years. The mentioned institutions offer University’s teachers and researchers their facilities capacity for practical tests of samples or run pilot trials contributing thus to better research and development efficiency of the University of Defence.

Bilateral cooperation with the Czech Red Cross in Hradec Kralove region has lasted for a long time. The cooperation takes form of mutual assistance in the training of Red Cross staff or Faculty of Military Health Sciences students.

The graduates from the military programmes of the University of Defence should be given a comprehensive range of knowledge so that they were able to control and command military units. During their studies they learn leadership skills out of the University, particularly during the periods of basic training, basic application course and special application course. For that the University of Defence cooperates with Training Command – Military Academy, while for practical military experience the students and teachers participate in live and/or command post exercises at selected military units. The importance of cooperation with regional military commands and MoD facilities has grown. In the training of new military pilots for the Czech Air Force, the University of Defence cooperates with the Flight Training Centre deployed in Pardubice.

University of Defence supports military-oriented events and military history traditions through meetings at schools, discussions with was veterans, thematic expositions or commemorative ceremonies. Military-oriented events are considered an important part of presenting modernised and professional Army of the Czech Republic. Events for basic and secondary schools are organised by the University of Defence jointly with Brno municipal police, Brno regional command and Brno unit of the Czechoslovak Legionnaires Community.